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A stress ball activates the sensory channel in your brain (because you feel your muscles contract and relax as you squeeze it), which takes away any excess negative energy that is being used by your intellectual channel.

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Product Name: Custom PU foam antistress ball
Material: PU foam
Type: Sports
Color: Customized
Size: 2.3cm,6.3cm,7cm, 15cm, 20cm or as customized size
Use: Anti-stress ball for stress relief
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Sample time: 3-5 Working Days

1.Expression series ball

PU Foam Stress Balls (5)

Releases muscle tension.

Stress balls help your muscles relax and release stress, tension, anxiety, and negative energy. By relieving stress and tension from your muscles, you can improve your quality of life by getting better sleep, fighting potential illnesses, and enhancing your overall sense of well-being.

Stress balls are a great tool because they actually help you reduce the physical tension that is created in your body as a result of lifes stressors. While stress is a psychological response to a situation, it manifests physically in your body, so combating those physical symptoms is a key part of relieving tension.

Squeezing squishy stress balls activates your hand and wrist muscles. Then, once you release your grip, your muscles relax. This repeated action of gripping and releasing reduces muscle tension and can easily be done at your desk without bothering or distracting anyone working around you.

When you feel your stress increasing during the day, or if you are going through a particularly rough time, it is best to have some stress toys around to alleviate these negative feelings. Further, stress balls can be used to help prevent muscle tension if you feel like that is going to be an issue for you in the near future.

2.Sports series ball

PU Foam Stress Balls (5)

Diverts your attention.

When you turn your focus to the stress ball, you stop thinking about the things that are bringing you stress and anxiety. It is not only your body that is being relaxed, but also your mind. When you pay attention to something stressful, you may notice that your heart starts beating faster, your mind starts racing, and your muscles tense up. While there are a lot of ways to divert your attention from stress, such as exercising or talking to a friend, these options aren’t always feasible in the moment.

This is why stress balls are often associated with work. Offices are a primary source of stress for a lot of people, but you can’t just start playing a movie on your computer or call your best friend to focus on something else.

Rather, you can take out your stress ball and squeeze it tightly to help you focus on your breath and your muscles in order to help relax your body. Experts have stated that the repetitive action of gripping and releasing the ball mimics the calming effect one gets from practicing meditation and yoga.

3.Rival bullet ball

PU Foam Stress Balls (5)

Stimulates your nerves.

The pressure you exert when squeezing a stress ball activates the stimulation of the nerves in your hands that pass along signals to the limbic region of your brain, which is responsible for your feelings and emotions. The nerve stimulation offers an acupressure effect, which is a phenomenon where the stimulation of one part of your body impacts other parts of your body.

One nerve in particular, your vagus nerve, is connected to every organ in your body. Stimulating this nerve helps relieve tension, fatigue, anxiety, and more. The word “vagus” means “wandering,” which refers to this nerve’s ability to reach from your brain to your intestines and many other vital organs. It creates a feedback loop between the brain and the rest of your body, sending and receiving information about your health and well-being.
Professionals believe that a connection lies between anxiety and depression and the malfunction of the vagus nerve. This means that stimulating this nerve is one way you can possibly teach your body to relax. Resear​​chers have found that meditation can change the activity of the vagus nerve, and because the repetitive action of squeezing and releasing a stress ball imitates the calming effect you gain from meditation, this suggests that using a stress ball can stimulate the vagus nerve as well.

The nerves in your hand are also connected to some parts of your brain that control your emotions. The stimulation we discussed above triggers the release of endorphins—the hormones you need to feel stress-free. Squeezing a stress ball encourages the release of endorphins, which are hormones that act as a sedative and a painkiller. This results in a calming effect and helps improves your mood.

The less stress you have in your life overall, the better your mood will typically be. This means that if you are able to combat your stress on a regular basis by simply using therapeutic balls for hands, this one small action in your life can have a large, sweeping impact.

4.Other stress balls

PU Foam Stress Balls (5)

Enhances focus and concentration.
A research study indicates that using stress balls can improve focus, attention, and concentration among a group of sixth-grade students. Students attributed their increased attention and concentration to a number of impacts that the stress balls had on them. For example, some reported that they stopped engaging in distracting, fidgeting habits, such as biting their nails, when they were able to use stress balls.

Others noted that some of their habits (such as tapping their feet or clicking their pens) would stop when they had stress balls, which was beneficial to those around them because their previous habits were distracting.

For students and adults who like to move around, using a stress ball offers them a way to move that is comforting, without having to engage in distracting behavior. So, not only does a stress ball increase the focus of the person using it, but it can also improve the ability of those around them to concentrate on the task at hand.

People who have used stress balls—including the students in this study—have often found them to be so effective in enhancing their focus that they want to continue to use them on a regular basis after simply trying them out.

5.The stress ball application scene.

PU Foam Stress Balls (5)

Stress balls are not just stress relievers. They also help you exercise your hands and fingers to avoid certain conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The muscles in your hands and wrists can also weaken over time due to overuse, leading to these conditions. Alternatively, injuries that occur higher up on your arm (like an elbow injury) could cause you to limit the use of the muscles in that hand, leading to muscle atrophy. Finally, certain medical conditions or treatments can also cause muscle weakness, such as fistulas or numbness due to chemotherapy treatment.
Squeezing a stress ball can aid in rehabilitation in your hand muscles and improve your grip. It is best if you squeeze the ball in your palm as tight as possible and then slowly release your grip. Do three sets of 10 reps twice a day to regain some strength.

If you are seeing a doctor or physical therapist for your hand injury, they may suggest that you use your stress ball with both of your arms or just the one that has been injured. Another way people use stress balls to heal from injuries is to put the ball on a table and press your fingers as hard as you can into the ball, holding the position for 10 seconds before releasing it.

Some doctors even suggest that patients use stress balls for their toes and feet. This can be done by putting the ball on the floor and curling your toes into it, then pushing on the stress ball with the balls of your feet.

Now that you know the benefits of stress balls, let’s look at how these stress toys actually work.

How Do Stress Balls Work?
Our brains are composed of two channels: a sensory channel and an intellectual channel. Sensory is what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell, while intellectual is what we use to make sense out of our sensory experiences.

A stress ball activates the sensory channel in your brain (because you feel your muscles contract and relax as you squeeze it), which takes away any excess negative energy that is being used by your intellectual channel.

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